Obesity & Salads


When you used to be 30 years old you could expect another ten or twenty years to be alive.

Now expect a thirty year-old woman that she stays fifty years in life, if she is healthy.

According to a 2005 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, this is the first generation of American children with a shorter life expectancy than their parents!

So just to be clear for the first time in history: our life expectancy is SHORTER rather LONGER!

The thing now is in the food makes us literally dead food. Why eat food that we enjoy killing us instead of them and to keep us alive and healthy?

It’s easy to buy all your food from the supermarket prepackaged, we have less time. Everything must be quick quick quick, and people want more more more. Stop when your body is 80% is filled with food.

What is most important in your life? Correct: health!

People should dwell on what they consume more!



I love it to make salads! Preferably vary as much as possible in order to get within various vitamins and minerals. Also try to work with vegetables and nuts for iron, Vit.E and B vitamins!

  • Healthy green salad with: Avocado, cucumber, basil, nuts, tomato, iceberg lettuce, mozarella, pepper and mustard dressing
  • Quinoa Salad with: Quinoa, parsley, nuts, raisins, broccoli and red cabbage